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Dear Parents,

Please note that our online programme for Junior School was based on a scientific and structured methodology according to their age. While from April, we are teaching through short videos and assignments created by their teachers, we are introducing one live interaction a week for Pre-Primary to one or two a day for Primary in mid June. This is primarily for students to feel an emotional connect with school, recognize their classmates and get a chance to interact with their peers and teacher. We are not sure how long students will be away from school and therefore, we are always thinking and creating ways to be in touch with them and continue learning with your support. The focus is more on learning life skills and values rather than content.

We have kept age appropriate screen time with teacher made short videos (3-8 minutes) demonstrating an activity or concept with short PPTs with voice recordings. Weekly Story Telling (5-12 min) and videos made by teachers on Art, Yoga, Music (Vocal) + Dance have been added to their school routine. This gives the flexibility of using the computer anytime if the parents are engaged in the morning and to use this content according to the child’s routine with plenty of breaks. If the child needs the lesson to be repeated, it can easily be done in case of all recorded videos and assignments that continue to be posted on our learning platform Edmodo. Parents and child should never feel pressurized with submission of assignments. These are flexible and extra time will be given whenever needed. 

LIVE optional classes in co-curricular are being started by their respective teachers in the late afternoon, from 15th June for Classes 2-5, to keep the children engaged as they are home. We hope they enjoy these. Further all parents are advised that all other screen time like television watching, video games and phone usage should be reduced completely till such time as school is online due to Covid 19. We are sharing with you a link below for eye exercises to improve eyesight naturally. Please do these with your children at least twice a day from simple to complex exercises being added gradually for younger children.

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Mrs Suvina Shunglu