sri sri academy

Trained teachers

Teachers at SSA are specially trained in value education. They are child-friendly and trained to teach with compassion, qualities essential in an education system where basic human values are encouraged.

At SSA we believe every child is endowed with these values. It only requires a trained teacher working in tandem With the parents to better develop the child’s value of ‘ compassion, cooperation, smile, laughter, lightness, wanting to help a sense of belongingness and caring for each other ‘, as our Founder has stated.

Our teachers recognize the need for complete development of their students. They understand that body and mind are so indissolubly linked that what is put in the body reflects on the mind, and what’s happening in the mind impact the body.

The teacher-student bonding forms an integral part of our school culture. The students are encouraged to freely articulate their doubts and questions. We believe children feel strongly connected to teachers who nurture and care for them. This creates a safe and friendly learning environment and encourages spontaneity and intellectual curiosity in the students..