sri sri academy

Student evaluation

The academic year at SSA will have two terms, based on which, two assessment reports would be given to each student. The evaluation will be on an on-going basis with emphasis on assessing what the child has understood in the class. Weekly Assessments will be taken to develop regular study habits and prepare them for senior school.

No term exams at the primary school
Evaluation in the Primary segment would be based on Grades and not marks, which would indicate a range of proficiency in certain skills and concepts selected for assessment. This would prevent stress in the early years and keep a child from unnecessary competition and parental pressure to perform which might otherwise rob a child of the joys of learning.

Class V
Term Exams would be gradually introduced to prepare students for senior classes. The portion to be assessed would be gradually enhanced with each class, in a scientific and planned manner. Each Term’s Evaluation will comprise of continuous Class Assessments and Block Test at the end of the Term. Year’s assessment will be based on the performance in the First and Second Term in both Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas. Merit Cards / Credits for Achievement / Progress in Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas are given to appreciate and motivate students to maintain their consistent performance.

Class IX and X
Curriculum and evaluation is as per the guidelines laid down by the council.