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SSA invites parents to read with their children on fREADom App.
Project fREADom Lab aims to equip every child and parent on their reading journey, and thus prepare them for a lifetime of success. Follow the steps in this program to prepare your child for the National English Reading Olympiad, to be help later this year. Research shows that a daily reading of 8 minutes on the fREADom app by the parent and child together, improves grades in English by over 60%.
STEP 1: Download the FREE Reading App
STEP 2: Click on SKIP FOR NOW when asked for a WOW CODE while Registering.
STEP 3: Read one story and one piece of news with your child every day
STEP 4: Proceed to profile and enter SCHOOL CODE as 112064
STEP 5: Receive a skill report, participate in the National English Reading Olympiad and stand a chance to become India’s Top Reader