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Report on IC3 Annual Conference and Expo held at Hyderabad International Convention Center on 23rd & 24th August 2023.

Two days of extensive sessions along with a Pre Conference workshop on 22nd August was really the right platform for me as a Career Counsellor .
All the sessions and School/University exhibits were a networking collaboration with a thought that  Career Counselling in every school is a must 
.At Hyderabad catching up with the 2nd Cohort (14) members along with counsellors and University Delegates enriched my path of Career Counselling .
22nd August 2023–The Pre Conference workshop –Level 2  held  at Silver Oak International School was a platform for meeting the counsellors having more than 4 years of experience sharing their journey and listening to the 4 resource persons on School Counselling helped me in solving  some of the issues faced by us on a day to day basis.
23rd August 2023– 1st Day of the conference started with the Inaugural keynote followed by 45 mins sessions in different rooms . From scholarships to research and innovation opportunities, from cultural integration to career development along with proper choices to application timeline were all the areas of discussion at the University Exhibits .
24th  August 2023–Having a table to represent my school and meeting people across the table ,learning with fun and much more to learn and exchange were the key areas in the school exhibits . The sessions on different topics were worth listening to.. The day ended with the Graduation & Closing ceremony .
In a nutshell  I can say that diverse perspectives and insightful dialogues took center stage not only in the IC3 Presidential forums but also in the sessions held in three intervals . The influential panels led by industry stalwarts ,kindled sparks of change, fostering a valuable exchange of transformative ideas to bring counselling in every school. .Overall the ambience with right hospitality and smile on every face forces me to say that next year’s 24th & 25th August conference at Delhi is a MUST for me .