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Sri Sri University invites applications for UG programs

Greetings to Our SSRVM Family!
An education which teaches you How To Make A Living and also How to Live !

ndia is the birthplace of higher education, the land which gave the world its first universities in the form of Nalanda and Takshashila. In a silent revolution from the banks of the river Kathjodi in Odisha, we are creating the India of the future, once again poised to be the leader of the world, in thought, word and action!


Welcome to Sri Sri University!

The Art Of Living foundation has always believed in bringing revolution for the betterment of the society. The base of a better society lies in the education of an individual. 

After laying the seeds in SSRVM, its time to nurture the growth of your child in a safe, yet challenging environment of Sri Sri University. 

Sri Sri University(SSU) came into operation in the year 2012 and is emerging as a centre for premium education in India, with students from over 28 states and 9 countries, aimed at blending the
“Best of East & West”. 

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